Why hire Non-Finns?

Who the hell is Anton Schubert you’re wondering? Well I’m a foreigner in Finland. 50% English, 30% Malaysian, 15% Austrian and 5% Finnish (by association). After 43 years of “training” in England, I still forget to take my shoes off in Finnish houses, I drink tea with milk and I cross the road before the little man is green.

Non-Finns just think differently, that’s why they are great to have around. If you allow them, they will push you into places where you are uncomfortable and that always creates new ideas and fresh ways of doing things. It’s called disruptive innovation.  Their outsiders view will help you to see and promote things about yourself and Finland that you knew were great, but were too shy to shout about. They’ll also help spot the not so great stuff too.

But most importantly, over time they will connect your organisation with their world making everyone in your organisation a little more worldly in the process. It’s called empathy.

At 358 our Finnish clients are always asking us the same question: “How do we become more successful internationally”?

That’s not a question you can answer clearly with marketing. The answer however is easy:

Hire international people, or at least hang out with them more often.

Anton Schubert is Director of Product and Service design, working at 358 in Helsinki
Born London UK